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All about da E-Liquid

  • There are 3 ingredients in e-liquids


    This is normally a Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) solution, occasionally distilled water is added as a thinner.


    If the E-Liquid contains nicotine, the amount of nicotine will be displayed on the bottle. Due to current legislation, anything containing nicotine cannot be sold in a greater volume than 10ml and cannot be stronger than 2.0% (20mg).

    Flavour concentrate.

    These are all either food grade or pharmaceutical grade additives.

  • Nicotine in its concentrated form is classed as a poison. However, in the e-liquid in our ranges, it is so diluted that it poses no real risk.

  • E-liquid comes in three main types: standard (high PG or 50/50 VG/PG), high VG, and short fill. PG stands for Propylene Glycol, and VG for Vegetable Glycerine, both of which are the base product that most e-liquids are made from.

    Standard e-liquid is often used in “mouth-to-lung” vaping, which is designed to closely replicate smoking cigarettes. Standard e-liquid tends to be cheaper over time, as the liquid lasts longer, and in some cases can be better for those quitting smoking, as the concentration of nicotine can be higher in standard e-liquids. You get more “throat hit” when using standard e-liquid, which, again, replicates the experience of smoking cigarettes.

    High VG e-liquid is less common than the other two types. It can usually be used in either mouth to lung or direct to lung tanks, and is quite similar to standard e-liquid, except that you tend to get more flavour and cloud out of it than standard e-liquid in exchange for a reduced throat hit.

    Short fills are gradually becoming the most popular e-liquid type, in part because of the new laws surrounding e-cigarettes that prohibit the sale of any e-liquid containing nicotine to 10ml in a bottle. Short fill e-liquid contains no nicotine (you add it in yourself after purchase) and can therefore be sold in larger bottles (we sell up to 100ml). The result is that you get better value for money, as you’re not paying for extra packaging. Short fills tend to be low nicotine and high VG, which produces a more intense flavour experience and larger vape clouds.

  • Tl;dr – This entirely depends on your frequency of use and the type of e-liquid and kit that you use.

    If you’re using a low resistance coil at a high wattage non-stop all day every day, a 100ml bottle of e-liquid may only last you 3 or 4 days or less, whereas the same setup but with occasional use – say, a few puffs once per hour – may see the same 100ml bottle lasting well over a week. Standard (high PG) e-liquid can also last longer than high VG or short fill e-liquid, because it tends to be vaporised at a lower temperature, which means that it is used up slower. Again, though, a person who uses their standard e-liquid repeatedly throughout the day, versus another person who uses high VG very occasionally will see their e-liquid deplete much faster.

All About Da Batteries

  • NO!

    Lithium Ion batteries are safely used in millions of devices every day. If you have a smartphone then you’re probably already doing so.

    This does not mean that the batteries are completely without risk, however. There are some considerations associated with such high energy devices that users should be aware of.

    • Always read the manufacturer’s instructions that came with your device for proper usage advice.
    • Keep loose batteries away from metal objects as much as possible, as there can be a risk of short-circuiting.
    • Always use the charger that came with your device, or refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for safe charging.
    • Don’t charge your device overnight or leave it unattended when charging. Over-charging batteries can increase the risk of overheating.
    • If your battery becomes damaged or wet, you should replace them as soon as possible.
    • Avoid exposing your batteries to high temperatures.
    • Use only recommended batteries for your device.
    • Do not disable or remove safety features such as firing locks.

    A Battery will never explode unless it is mistreated!


  • Simple: a battery goes inside a mod to power it, a mod is a device that is powered by one or more batteries and allows you to regulate the output of the battery.

  • Removable cells are batteries that can be removed from your device and charged externally. Many devices allow you to charge the batteries while they are installed in the device by plugging the device into a mains power supply.

  • There are many factors that affect battery life. At the simplest level, the mAH (milliamp hours) rating of the battery is a good indicator of the battery’s lifespan. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last.

    Other factors that can affect battery life are:

    • Frequency of use.
      A battery’s lifespan is generally considered as measured in “cycles”, or “how many times it’s been recharged”. If you use your e-cig a lot, you’ll be charging it more often and it’s lifespan length will be reduced.
    • Age of the battery
      Kind of tied in with frequency of use, the older a battery is, the more it’s generally been recharged. Over time you’ll notice your battery’s capacity dropping, i.e. it takes less and less time before you have to recharge it. once you start noticing this effect, it’s time to buy a new battery.
    • When and how you charge
      Removable batteries tend to hold more power when charged in a dedicated charging unit external to your e-cig. If you charge your battery by leaving it in your device and plugging your device into a power supply, you may get less usage time from your device. Allowing your battery to completely drain before charging it again will increase the lifespan of your battery. Obviously this is not always the most convenient thing for you, as the chances are that when your battery runs out, you might be at work, or out of the house and unable to fully charge your battery. We recommend purchasing a device with removable batteries and keeping spares with you. This way, you’ll always have a fully charged battery and can charge the empty one at a convenient time.
    • Quality of the battery
      As with all things, some brands simply make better products than others. Talk to us if you have any questions about reputable companies to buy batteries from.
  • Of course. All batteries have a limited lifespan and will eventually need replacing. You’ll know when your battery is on its way out, because the amount of time you can use it before needing to recharge will start to decrease. Some batteries can last a year before this happens, and some will be more or less than this.

    One thing to bare in mind when choosing a new device is whether it has removable batteries or not. Removable battery replacements can be purchased relatively cheaply, but if your device has built-in batteries, when those batteries go, you’ll need to replace the whole device.

All About Da Tanks

  • Simply, no.

    Due to current legislation, all tanks are restricted to a 2ml maximum capacity. However, some tank manufacturers do sell tank extenders or bubble glass that will increase a tank’s capacity.

  • It depends on what’s broken. If it’s the coil or glass, replacements can generally be purchased from us. If you have broken the tank housing, you’ll usually need to buy a full replacement. However this doesn’t happen very often, because the tank housing is generally quite robust.

  • Well now that’s a whole conversation in itself! The short answer is that it depends on what you want to get out of vaping and how you want to vape.

    Some tanks are designed to help replicate cigarette smoking, others are designed for increased cloud production and flavour. Your best bet is to read up on the subject online, or speak to our staff and ask for advice.

  • No, this is normal; it’s just the coil heating the liquid.

    Use this simple “formula”: Crackling = good, gurgling = bad.

    If your coil is “gurgling”, then you either have too much extra e-liquid on the coil, or the coil needs to be replaced. First off, try opening up your tank and drawing some of the juice off your coil with a piece of tissue. If this doesn’t work, then it may be time to replace the coil. If you still experience the issue after this, please contact us for advice, and if there’s an issue with your device and it’s within our warranty period, we’ll replace it.

  • No.

    The coil inside your tank is receiving power from the battery. It is working hard to vaporise your e-liquid and has a working temperature of between 200 & 300 degrees Celsius. It will get warm and depending on power setting and tank design some may even get hot, especially if you are using your device continuously. If you notice the atomiser getting uncomfortably warm, just put it to one side to cool for a moment before vaping again.

All About Da Ordering

all about da troubleshooting

  • No, it should not taste like burning.

    In most cases, this is a sign that your coil needs replacing. Coils can last anything between 1 day and 4 weeks, so there’s no exact time period after which you should change them.

    Some other causes of and solutions to burnt taste are:

    • Cause: The tank has been left sitting for some time, for example a day or more, without being used.
      Solution: Don’t do this. If you can’t avoid doing this, just b aware that this can happen, and try to plan replacing your coil at a time when your e-cig isn’t going to be left unused for great periods of time.
    • Cause: The coil has not been primed properly.
      Solution: when adding a new coil, put two or three drops of liquid directly onto the wicking material before filling up the tank.
    • Cause: Your tank has run out of juice.
      Solution: Add more juice.
    • Cause: Your power settings are wrong.
      Solution: One of the controls on your device may be set too high, for example the wattage level, for the resistance of your coil. Always check your setting before you use your e-cig, especially if you keep your device in your pocket or bag with the lock controls turned off.

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