Blossoming Creativity: DIY Flower Tips with Hana Meds

Flowers have a magical way of adding life, color and vibrancy to our environment. When we talk about DIYs, it immediately brings to mind innovation, personalization and most importantly, fun. At Hana Meds, we merge these two wonderful worlds to bring you some unique, flower-centric DIY tips you can easily do at home.

1. Flower Pressing

There’s something romantic about flower pressing. It’s not only a fascinating way to preserve the beauty of flowers, but it can also be a therapeutic process. You just need some fresh flowers, parchment paper and few heavy books. Put a flower between two pieces of parchment paper, slip it inside a book and press it by placing more books on top. Leave it untouched for 7-10 days and voila! You will find a perfectly pressed and preserved masterpiece. This can be used for creating bookmarks, wall art or personalized cards.

2. Flower Arrangement

How you present a flower can make all the difference. Flower arrangement skills can come in handy, especially when you’re throwing a party, surprising a loved one or simply decorating your living space. Begin with selecting a color palette, that way the flower arrangement is well-coordinated and pleasing to the eye. Remember to trim the stems before placing them in a vase and always add water to ensure they last longer. Break the monotony by adding in foliage or other non-flower elements.

At Hana Meds, we are more than just a brand. We are a community based in Phoenix, AZ & Green Valley, AZ that believes in an inclusive, welcoming environment for all. We take pride in providing products that are not only safe and consistent, but also reliable.

3. Flower-themed Crafts

This is indeed an exciting activity, especially if you have children. You can use flowers to create flower wreaths, decorative pots, or even a botanical collage. Not only is this a great way to bring out the artist in you, but it also offers an engaging bonding experience with your loved ones.

We strive to give back to the community that supports us and are always looking for ways to enrich lives. This commitment extends beyond just our products. We also believe in the importance of knowledge and education. Therefore, we ensure that we provide ongoing education, not only to our employees, but also our customers. This empowers everyone in our community with the information and guidance they need to thrive.

We’d love to see your flower DIYs and hear about your experiences. Empower your creativity, get involved and be part of the inspiring, uplifting and authentic world of Hana Meds.

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